Sophomore Year Coming to an End


From starting with 0 experience to now knowing more than I expected, the year has come to an end. Vessel Ops has taught me to work with others, problem solves, work under pressure, and suck it up and deal. This program isn’t just about driving boats we learn things that would be very helpful in the maritime industry. This year was a lot of pressure and I thought many times I wouldn’t be able to do the task but with the help from my teachers and my classmates, I got a lot of work done. I’m sad that the year has come to an end but I’m excited for next year. My most recent favorite moment was when Aaron was testing how fast the propellers go on Virginia and it was raining and we were sitting outside in the rain and my class started to sing songs and it was a great distraction to the bad weather. To the class of 2018 thank you for teaching me a lot and helping me when I needed it, good luck in college!!

~Ashley Cruz