I’ve grown to have a passion for the maritime industry, it surprises me everyday that I had no intent on going to the harbor school. My older brother went to the school and I had to follow along, I even went to the very first indock for one day because I didn’t think it was for me. However by the end of my freshman year I was hooked. Field class introduced me to so many activities from water quality testing to diving in the pool at bushwick campus. From sights of dinner boats going by on the Hudson river to the murky waters of the Gowanus canal and Newtown creek, I enjoyed it all. Three years of being in the vessel operations program later, I was thankful for the experience operating all of the vessels in harbor school’s fleet from Indy’s single screw to Privateer’s Z-Drive. each SUCCESSFUL year in the program included new challenges and new experiences. Including weekends spent restoring the Lettie G Howard, Indy 7 and Privateer, Painting and sanding, were just a few of the things we did in order to have the vessels “ship shape” and ready for a new season. Installing the bridge simulator and having to rig a pulley in the lobby of the mast center to lift parts up and over the railing was quite the ordeal. Teamwork training by flipping a sail right side up while standing on it and never stepping off. So many things can be said about the vessel operations program from my internships as an indock advisor to a launch operator/dockhand at liberty landing marina. How can I even forget the time we serviced our fire extinguishers with sea safety and actually put out real fires with an extinguisher using the PASS method. Having been a part of the vessel operations program has allowed me to work for Hornblower Cruises and Events an ever expanding company in New York harbor as a first officer. I’ve had the pleasure of being on board the ferry lunchbox during it’s inaugural run and meeting mayor Bill De Blasio, meeting great captains with years of experience, running a number of drills and inspections with the coast guard, and operating the vessels in the fleet from 90 to 210 ft under supervision of the captain. I’m grateful for the time spent at Harbor School. Captain Aaron was a great instructor,I’ve made a lot of lasting friendships and have had great experiences that shape me into the mariner that I am today. 


I came to harbor school in 2011 when it was still a very young school in development, over the years I've been part of many of the changes that you feel today. during my freshman year Ann and Jeremy taught the "introduction to New York Harbor" (Field) class where as freshman we saw many of the places that I would come to work and volunteer in the future. I enrolled in the Marine Systems technology program hoping to become an auto mechanic, but I soon fell in love with Marine Engineering and it wasn't long before I made it into a career. I excelled in the program spending ungodly hours working and volunteering with the school where I learned the true value of a 16 hour day. My proudest achievement at the harbor school would have to be getting my American Boat and Yacht Counsel Marine Technician Certification, when I graduated I was the only student in School History to have received that cert and may still be today. (ask Brendan to find out more) All these experiences in the school allowed me a significant edge in industry, I landed my first job at New York Water Taxi at age 16 where (either Luis or myself have the title of youngest company employee ever, we don't know because our birthdays are close) there I worked hard to gain the trust of the other deckhands, engineers, captains, and port captains where soon I was called in to work special charters such as weddings and VIP cruises. That however was only a small portion of my career in school since leaving the school.  While I wont give my entire resume, I've done hard dirty work like being and engineer on a 200 Ton tug boat, ran the mechanical systems on a floating barge bar in Brooklyn, worked in marine construction, and started a moderately successful marine contracting operation, with plans of starting a marine construction and engineering business with the help of Harbor School Alum Joseph Roberto 15' and Syed Hoque 15'. However I've continued to work the deck as well, I've raced and captained hundred thousand dollar sailboats, raced on the fasted sailboat in the world, worked aloft and in the engine room of numerous Tall Ships. Back inline with harbor school I have continued to stay active in the school and believe it is very important that all alumni do. while I have raced in the Regatta, worked as a substitute for Brendan and worked for the billion oyster project, it was when I became a part of the Professional Advisory Committee that I saw the biggest fault of the school, our Alumni Presence.  I founded the Harbor School Alumni Association in 2016 with hopes to bring all the alumni together and increase the quality of the vocational training at the school while increasing the amount of post secondary job placement of graduating seniors. I've acted as the association president since it's inception and while we have a long way to go I have met with the professional advisory committee PAC about such job placement, met with councilmen and councilwoman for in facilities for the school and many more things that happen behind the scenes.  I should also mention I am a senior at SUNY Maritime, I have held numerous leadership positions since attending the school, such as chief engine squad leader, waterfront dock master, and regional deputy senator for the national society of black engineers NSBE, while running community outreach programs such as a joint tutoring program with south Bronx non for profit Rocking the Boat, organizing food drives for Puerto Rico and visiting schools to teach students about maritime careers.