Global Container Terminal


I've had an internship with the Economic Development Corporation for about two weeks now. I've been working on a project ever since I started here. The project is that I had to interview two people who are featured in a different project called Freight NYC. The purpose of these interviews was to get an insight into these people work, and try to inspire the younger generation to get jobs in this type of field. Today I went out to the Global Container terminal, on Staten Island, and meet up with the people I'm interviewing today. The first person I interviewed was Marie Pucciarelli, she's a longshoreman working at the GCT warehouse. The next person I interviewed was Carlo Sixon, and he's a yard master at GCT. After the interviews, I needed photos of them to create a video for advertisements. My team and I went to the roof of their main building with Carlo Sixon and his boss Bob Nixon. Once at the roof we took some pictures of Carlo while the background was containers stacked high. There was a cargo ship being unloaded so carlo brought us to the unloading area to see the process and for us to get more pictures. GCT has 6 cranes but only 5 were in use today so carlos brought my team and I up to the one not in use. When we got to the top the view was amazing, so of course we took pictures of Carlo while we were up there. It was exciting going up to the top of the crane, I could see Manhattan all the way to far jersey. We were up there for about 10-15 minutes. Once we got down Carlo drove us to the warehouse where Maria was working. We were able to get pictures of her working with the forklift, moving objects around the warehouse. She was nervous during the photos so one of my teammates started reading off really corny jokes to get her to laugh and loosen up. Once we got all the pictures we needed we took an uber back to the office to finish up our work.

-Michael Mongiello, Rising Senior


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