End of the Year

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We started off the year with a teamwork activity. We had to get to the finishing line with tiles and we need one foot on a tile so we don’t lose it. I will be honest, we didn’t do so well at first. After a couple tries we came up with a plan and it worked well. Over our sophomore year we gotten to know each other better and we started working well together. This summer I will be working as an intern for the Billion Oyster Project. I will also be enjoying my free time I have. For the junior year I hope that I will gain work experience, get my certification that my class offers, and enjoy the year as well. I want to do all of this because it will help me in the long run by helping me get a job in the maritime industry. I think the school should still offer Vessel Operations Program because the rest of the CTE classes evolves around us. We help scuba divers go offshore, Aquaculture with their oyster cages, and many more. It also helps the maritime industry have a good flow of new captains to take over the senior captains when they retire.

-Jennifer O’Connor