Intern Opportunity

Harbor School Interns working aboard The Schooner Pioneer.

Harbor School Interns working aboard The Schooner Pioneer.

As a senior in the Vessel Operations CTE program, I have made many connections in the Maritime Industry. Among those connections, one of my first was to the South Street Seaport Museum as an intern deckhand aboard the Schooner Pioneer.

I participated in training sails, public sails, daily maintenance, and skill development projects that better prepared me for my CTE. I would love to follow-up on that connection for the experience, fun, and sea time the internship provided me by continuing to volunteer at the Museum.

Within the internship, I learned basic line handling such as coiling a line clockwise and from the bitter end to prevent kinks in the line. I also learned how to repair the fraying end of a line by a process called whipping that involves sewing with twine in a specific style. Another quality that I improved upon in my internship was how to interact with varieties of authority figures within the workplace. Properly greeting everyone you interact with in the workplace from the director of the museum to the customers that you assist onto the boat for the public sails. I learned the hand signals to display while on bow watch, from a tug and barge to a sailboat or a jet ski.

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