Tall Ships America


A  connection I've made through Harbor School was with Tall Ships America. The summer before my senior year  I got to be part of the Tall Ship Challenge race team. My connection with Tall Ships America started my sophomore year, when I attended their 40th annual conference with a few of my classmates. We went to the conference to do a presentation on Harbor school and our 6 CTE programs, we also took part in majority of the sessions that were offered, we networked with many of the members.

I got to attend the conference again with a few of my classmates the following year. Our presentation had a different focus point. We spoke about our connections with sail training in New York Harbor and with South Street Seaport Museum.

That year the conference had a push for youth membership. Harbor school students took part in the youth sessions, at those sessions they spoke to us about the Tall Ships Challenge Race internship. After hearing about it I was extremely interested and sent emails out to members of the race team, but I found out that I wasn't going to reach the age requirement of 18 before the summer. But after emailing back and forth with members of the race team they considered me for the internship.

At the end of the day, I got to be a member of the Tall Ships Challenge Team sailing, and blogging on the Pacific Coast.

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