Professionalism on the Water


On the water, harbor school doesn't display your average high school student. We're not going on our vessels and being incompetent in the activities and tasks that are at hand. On our school's vessels, we're crew chiefs, we're deckhands and we're engineers. On the water, we as harbor school students portray professionals on the water by completing the necessary tasks from vessel handling/mooring, line tossing, engine maintenance and engine checks quickly and efficiently. Whether we have persons of high status on our boats such as President Bill Clinton or it's just the students and Captain Aaron we maintain a professional standard at all times, by keeping the vessel shipshape for example. We coil our lines and keep them ready to go for docking, we keep the wheelhouses clean and spotless. However, there are times when we are tasked with the most mundane tasks such as bow/stern watch during a dive in conjunction with the scuba CTE. Which is really boring and tends to deter us from the task at hand for many of us, as it's a constant observance of incoming vessel traffic from the stern and bow.





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