Docking Privateer


Students are prepared with the skills of working on a vessel  in their vessel operation classes. There are a great deal  of skills required to fulfill the tasks on a vessel. Privateer  has many jobs that keep the students busy while crewing on the vessel. the first job given out is crew chief which is given to as and stern spring , and stern, engineering (2 crew members assigned but not always needed), wheel, AIS, Bow watch, and log book. These are the main jobs and sometimes there are more, which are but not limited to cleaning or picking up, picking up fenders or lines that are around, one person  jumping off the boat when were docking to catch lines etc. These jobs are all important for the vessel. engineering watch checks the engines every fithteen minutes and  check the generator , we also turn on generator when it is needed.

Bow watch is a  360 degree view  that points out all vessel that are visible to our boat. The person on the log book just logs where we are and what we are doing. The people on lines prepare their lines for docking and receive lines when going underway. They gasket coil and hang their lines while the vessel is underway.  AIS can also point out vessel to the captain or person on the wheel but can also provide information on the vessel. The students are also prepared for accidents that can happen on the boat like fires, man over boards and abandon ship. These drills are practiced every once in a while when the vessel is underway and to see how prepared the students are.

The vessel operations class also likes to help other CTE's out with there task. this year we have helped out aquaculture with there oyster projects and scuba with their dives. I know as a fellow vessel operations student in my senior year , i have participated in a lot of opportunity's given to me by the vessel operation program and have also learned a lot of new skills that i have been able to use in the maritime world.

SeniorVessel Ops