Waterfront Safety

The New York Harbor School is a maritime oriented, CTE endorsed high school. We focus our class time on water activites such as operating vessels and restoring oyster reefs. These activities might be thought upon as potentially dangerous things, and the school has done a great job to ensure safety on and off the water. Safety is the first priority for the school, especially when we are being tested and graded for how well we can complete tasks while operating vessels. While scuba diving and operating vessels may be very fun, there are many risks that go along with it.

So, with these risks, protocol for safety is made. These include how to properly perform a man overboard drill, fire drill, or even abandon ship drills quite often. These drills are necessary to teach a student all the complex aspects that is associated with doing these on the water activities. To improve our waterfront safety, our school needs to spend more time on these risks that could occur at any moment. To ensure this, we could create more plans and emergency drills to fulfill the safety requirements that might be helpful in the long run in case of an emergency.

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