Touching Base-MOB Drills


As the Junior class is learning a significant amount of new material during their first month back from summer vacation; such as boxing the compass, compass error, and learning the different types of bouys and their significance in making shipping channels a safe place to travel through. There is still a high level of efficiency in which we are to maintain in terms of drills such as man overboard, abandon ship, and fire drills. We must always stay in our best conditions to be prepared for any emergency we might face in the future, and the only way we can prepare ourselves is by reularly going through these drills. Although our Junior class has already learned these drills in our Sophomore year it is important for not just the Junior class, but every class in the Vessel Operations CTE to regularly go through these drills to become the best responders they can be in case of an emergency. Just because you have already learned something doesn’t mean that you won’t use it in the future, and just because you have learned something doesn’t mean you’ll always do your best at it. 

Practice makes perfect, and we must strive to become a crew that can successfully overcome any obstacle that can come in our way.