Pivot Points


Today our class learned about pivot points. The pivot point on a power boat changes locations, determined primarily by whether you are in forward or reverse. While in forward, the pivot point is generally 1/3 of the way to the center of the boat from the bow. This crucial point of interest is where your vessel will turn around. Instead of heading directly in the direction in which you wish to head towards, your vessel will generally  maneuver around the pivot point and gives you a less accurate final destination. If the pivot point was directly on the bow however, you would have the power to maneuver as you please. This being said, when in reverse, the pivot point is in fact directly on the stern. This allows for ease of navigation while proceeding backwards. The use of the word "generally" as mentioned earlier is in place to indicate that this is not exactly the case for all vessels. Every vessel is different and the crucial pivot point may vary on the next vessel you set foot on. So be safe and watch out!