Maritime Career Awareness Fair

Today my senior class ventured on the very first Maritime Career Fair in New York City. We all met at pier 101 to board on Indy 7 and drove to Brooklyn Cruise Ship Terminal. We were the only high school to show up on a boat, with bonus points for not breaking the dock! When I walked into the building, there were maritime shipping industry tables like I expected. What took me by surprise was that Suny Maritime, Kingsborough, and even the police and fire department were there as well. Before going to this fair I had already decided that Maritime was not my  main focus for college, or life in general. But after speaking with industry professionals, and taking a different approach to Suny Maritime, I am definitely reconsidering. Maybe no matter how much I waiver, the Maritime Industry will always be with me, hopefully one day as a first. I want to thank all of the colleges and industries that participated in this fair, it’s important that all  high school students are aware of all the career opportunities that the maritime industry had to offer.