Our first trip to pier 16


Getting to pier 16 was not very pleasant. To get there in a timely manner we got on the Virginia, there was a lot water splashing onto the boat and it was freezing. The water was not only cold but it irritated my skin.

After visiting Pier 16 and seeing that amazing sail boat being restored, I got very excited to see the finished product. It made me want to go on a class trip to sail over a matter of a few days like we did on Indock.

During Indock we got to live on the Lettie G. Howard for 3 days (and 2 nights). During that time we lived as part of the crew: waking up to hoist up the anchor and putting up and bringing down sails and cleaning the deck along with other chores to keep everything running smoothly.

Indock is a program that introduces incoming harbor students to life as a crew member. It helps students meet before school starts and learn a few skills like knot tying that are going to help in their future.