How do you get to school?


When I tell someone I go to school on Governors Island, their first question is ALWAYS " you like take a boat to school every day or something?"

Often I feel like responding "No. We all have to swim across." Honestly. What do they think we do? Have the rowing team bring us over in whitehall gigs? Take a zip line? Ski lift? I tried proposing that to the principal freshman year. Edward technically agreed, if we could find the money to install it and convince the Island's Trust. Maybe Jeff will go for the idea.

Anyway. I stumbled across an article the other day. The clip below is from a New York Times from 1888.

My first thought? I want to walk to school!!! To other kids, walking to school is the easy, trivial way. Taking a boat is a novelty for them. For my school, suggesting that we walk to school is insane. But at one point it might've been possible. It makes you think.

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