April 28th: Journal Entry #3

The ticket booth has become more than just printing out tickets and giving them out. I've noticed many barriers faced when working in customer service. One major barrier is language, it's very hard to explain what vessel people need to be on and when to board if you only speak English. There is one coworker of mine who speaks both English and Spanish but it can still be hard when someone speaks French or Mandarin for example. When I'm faced with this task I tend to give them their tickets and explain to them where they need to be as best as I can with my hands. If all else fails, I walk them to their vessel so that they can board and enjoy their cruise.


May 5th: Journal Entry #4

We recently had a Spring Boat Show, where people boarded our vessels for a dinner cruise which was followed by food and numerous activities for the guests. The ticket booth was very busy because we had three vessels going out around the same time. We had to juggle giving tickets out to guests, telling our customers where they are boarding, and differentiating who was there for the boat show or for a regular dinner. We were able to manage all of this with everyone's help and patience.