Saving the S.S Hunter


So our Hunter is a beautiful yacht. The students, as well as teachers, enjoy stepping foot on such a majestic vessel. So it would be sad if tragedy struck and our sailing yacht was no more. To ensure a future for the Hunter my teacher, Syed, as well as two sophomores (Gino and Katlyn), and I embarked on a mission to save the Hunter. I went on the Hunter to hand down a line to wrap around a piling and back. The mission was simple. I gave slack and Syed instructed the sophomore on what to do with the line. But of course, nothing goes as planned. The line was too short. So Syed and his quick mind decided to wrap around the piling one time and make the line there. We then sent down two buoy type balls and the mission was complete.

The future of the hunter has been secured!!

SeniorVessel Ops