field class

something facinating I've found about being a senior is the role I've taken over time as a vessel operator. Recently i took out a freshman class on Indy, where we went over the basics of nautical mapping and the mindset of the maritime community. It took me back to when i was a freshman on the pioneer on the dock. When I was running through the basics , i was talking to an upperclassman and the first thing I've noticed was his comfort with the vessel and the topics under discussion, either hauling up the main sail, or when his hands are on the wheel I could tell he felt a familiar environment. I think that's a product of the first-hand education that our small school provides to us. I think it directly correlates to an adult work ethic, being out on the water definitely has taught my class a lot about work and the perks of maturely participating underway. It has lead to the same comfort I sensed in my freshman year when looking at these upperclassmen not only take their jobs seriously but casually and without stress. Its a professionalism that not many high schools are exposed to.

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