Aquaculture Adventures


Four-vessel ops students by the names of Akeem, John, Gino and I went out on Indy 7 and took the whole aquaculture class to the oyster reef in Wallabout Bay, near the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Unfortunately, a lot of the CTEs, including aquaculture, do not go outside the classroom walls. Almost at every bump on the road, so to speak, well maybe, in this case, every wave in the water that Indy hit was a shock of excitement and screams that came from all of the aquaculture students. But despite all of the crazy waves out on the water, the aquaculture students still remained focused at all times by continuously collecting data and recording every moment of the trip on their clipboards.

Both Thomas Quinn and Jose Diaz went off Indy and onto a floating dock to pick up a huge bin of oyster shells that were so filthy. However, they both managed great, doing all they could to make their CTE proud. Vessel Ops was helping them every step of the way. Every line that had to be done all four of us were on, and we did with no hesitation. I must say once we left the reef I really did a great job undoing the line off of the huge mooring anchored near the reef. We all worked so hard and had so much fun! Many memories were definitely made! The picture above really shows all of the marvelous and wonderful smiles we all had on this awesome trip!

I also must mention how many thank you's that I got from many of the aquaculture students for helping them out! Jillian Vargas, Tahiem Wolfe and David Rodriguez all said thank you! Of course Luis Melendez! And the whole Vessel Ops crew! But it always feels so good to feel like your work did not go unnoticed! I felt awesome myself helping out as much as I could! I will never, ever forget the lovely memories that were made in this experience :)

Vessel Ops