back to work

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After the class day is done, the real work begins. The whole senior class rushed to get to the MAST Center. Once we got there we found out we were going to Liberty Landing. Liberty Landing is basically a gas station for boats.

We were on a time limit. That made us want to work quicker but we knew we had to make sure everything was done correctly. We left as quickly as possible. Everyone had their own job, which made everything so much easier.

Once we got to Liberty Landing, all lines were thrown over and placed in their correct place. As soon as that was done, people in charge of pumping the gas did it for both port (left) and starboard (right) tanks. Everything was done quickly and correctly and we left early.

We used the extra time we had—instead of leaving early we did some in-and-outs on the dock. After our last docking we made sure everything was made fast and ended our day.


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