Yankee docking


So on Friday the 13th, the senior vessel operations class ran some docking drills at Yankee pier. It may have only been a routine docking drill, but the wind and current made it more of a challenge and way more fun in my opinion.

Mohammed and Carlyle were assigned to the dock while the remaining class was left to dock the Indy 7. So we began to go ahead and dock Indy with Maya at the helm. The currents were making things difficult so it took her a few tries but did an amazing job at the end. Commanding the helm to me is a bit nerve-racking but it's all a learning experience. Before I knew it, I was next. I got into the dock in one shot but came in a bit too fast. Thankfully, everyone did their job fast and it was okay.

All the line handling by my fellow classmates and the focus was awesome from everyone. By the end of it all, our evaluator was congratulating us.

SeniorVessel Ops