Vessel Ops working with an online class


What I thought was gonna be a normal day at Vessel Ops actually turned out to be quite different. Instead of going out on Indy or working on the simulator, we did a course online called Everfi. It taught us about the safety steps of opening a bank account or how to increase your interest. The course told us the best way to increase our interest is to not touch your money in your savings account so that the interest increases every year. I also learned that just saving 10 dollars a year or month could increase to a serious amount of money in the future. Everfi was a really helpful guide in my eyes. It taught me skills that I will utilize in the future as I head off to college and get a job. I plan on opening a bank account and expanding my interest by letting my money accumulate instead of spending it as soon as I make it.

SeniorVessel Ops