Nancy Foster NOAA Ship


On a rainy, nasty day to go out, The NOAA Ships calls out to let the junior class in Vessel Operation Program to come and get a tour of their ship. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and mostly focus on scientific work and sea animals. When I first say this ship I realize how much space the boat had and how much equipment it had. I also thought this is a diver and marine biologist dream to work here. First person we meet was Officer Johns and Commander Marc Miller. They were very welcoming and were very informing. There were many different aspects on this ship like scuba tanks, to sampling devices, water systems, and having joysticks, there was a lot to take it. Operating on this ship there are many things you have to check before getting underway or launching the small boats so the divers can dive, and just constantly check things, etc. The one thing I notice and Iā€™m excited to learn more about was the nautical chart. As a junior in the vessel operations program we learn coastal piloting and as we are new learners to this we see this chart everywhere, its your next plan if your navigation system doesn't go well. The bridge was big and my entire class fit in there, we ask many questions manly about the main bridge and the different devices they had.

~Ashley Cruz

JuniorVessel OpsAshley Cruz