MOU Signing with SUNY Maritime and USCG

The Vessel Operation junior class and the MST junior class had the opportunity to witness the MOU Signing on Hornblower with the President of Suny Maritime, Michael Alfultis and Lieutenant Commander Brad Conway from the United States Coast Guard and the Principal of New York Harbor School, Jeffrey Chetirko. A MOU Signing is an memorandum of understanding. This is a very big step for New York Harbor School students because we have a opportunity that not all high school students have to work with the USCG and Suny Maritime. Also Virginia which is one of Harbor School boat got baptized. I meet a lot of people that day also, I meet the president of Suny Maritime which is the college I want to go to my senior year and he knew that because there was a Harbor School anniversary event and I was in the video and I said I want to either go to Suny Maritime or the USCG Academy. He was really nice and informed me in the college and convinced me even more to go to Suny Maritime. I also spoke to the Commander Conway and we talked about how his life was in the USCG and how he worked his way up. That day was an unforgettable day and I was proud to witness the future of Harbor School.

~Ashley Cruz

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JuniorVessel OpsAshley Cruz