World Yacht Destiny


My summer was very interesting. I had the opportunity to work for New York Cruise Line World Yacht. World Yacht Destiny is a party boat that goes north river and gives their passengers a nice scene of The Trump Towers. My experience there was very different from any other maritime experience I’ve had. For example, dealing with passengers that get intoxicated on the boat was new to me, also people who look at the marine crew almost like security. The Destiny is a twin screw and she is very under powered. My first day there they gave me the task of learning how to drive a twin screw. I went up to the 79th street boat basin and turned around. Around this time, the north river had a strong ebb so I had to keep the wind and current in factor when docking. Overall my experience there was very helpful. I learned a lot and many people helped me in understanding the company. Thank you to Captain Bobby Rajkumar, Captain Mike Dauber, Captain Gavin Ray and lastly Deckhand Kenrick.    

-Davere Hanson

Vessel OpsDavere Hanson