The Life of a Deck Hand on a Cruise Ship


When I was aboard the cruise ship, Mein Scheiff 6 I had an experience like no other. One thing that really peeked my interest was the life a deckhand aboard such a large vessel lived. I am currently a deckhand aboard vessels under New York Water Taxi, naturally I was curious what the difference would be and exactly how much  more responsibility they took on. As they guided us through just only a few things they do weekly, I was blown away. To hear that it takes 2 weeks to inspect fire extinguishers compared to my 15 minutes aboard the water taxi, blew my mind. We were also informed that they have to stay aboard the vessel for six months which is directed to them from their contract. From the point of view of someone like myself actually considering a job like this, at first I was scared but now I feel like I want to do whatever I possibly can to have a shot at becoming a deckhand on this or any cruise ship.  

SeniorVessel OpsMatthew Smith