Station Bill


It was a normal school day when Captain Aaron shows up at our lunch and says we are going on a site visit to a cruise ship. Everybody was so excited. He told us to rush to the mast center right after our classes and that's exactly what we did. Indy 7 was waiting for us at Pier 101; we dropped lines and went on our way.

At the cruise ship we were escorted by an apprentice named Tabby to the ship. We enjoyed a few conversation and then we made our way to the Main Bridge. We were all squished inside the elevator but we were still enjoying ourselves . We saw the Main Bridge and then the engine room.

As we left the engine room, I looked to the wall and I saw the station bill. The station bill basically took up a whole wall. It was ten times bigger than the station bills that we have on our school boats. Everybody down to the cook has a responsibility. Everyone plays an important role and that's what helps keep the boat running and everybody safe in case of an emergency. Safety is always the most important thing as a boat is underway. That is exactly what the station bill provides. On a cruise ship the crew is responsible for hundreds of passengers live’s. Without the station bill nothing can run fully. The station bill being the size it is really matters. Every crew member counts no matter what you do.


SeniorVessel OpsBryan Campbell