Mein Schieff 6 Experience


Today my class went on the cruise ship Mein Schiff 6, this cruise ship is a newer ship that was released in May. 50% of this ship is owned by Royal Caribbean. The Assistant Officer, Tabia, was in a training program from her college in Germany. I felt like she related to me since I want to go into SUNY Maritime College and after that two years on cruise ships. I asked Tabia if she enjoyed the ship so far and the experience that she got and she said she did like it, also she said that she would love to stick with this type of work on the water. One thing that stuck out to me though is that she would like to go to some smaller vessels.

I felt that that was strange, I would want to be on the bigger ships for the bridge experience. It was great to meet someone in my shoes and to see their side, and how it turned out for them. I can't wait till I get in that position. Overall I had an amazing time and truly figured out a plan going forward.

SeniorVessel OpsSteve Reiss