SUNY Maritime at the Career Fair


Today The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School attended the first ever Maritime Career fair. There were so many tables at the fair. Hornblower, FDNY, NYPD, City Wide ferry, Millers Launch, and so much more. We started with a general introduction of all the company’s that were there. They passed the mic around and everyone got a chance to talk. Following that we all got a chance to break off into separate groups and explored the different tables that were offered at the fair. Immediately after we broke from the big group, I went over to the Millers Launch table to say hello. I worked at Millers Launch for my summer internship it was good to reunite with them. After that I went to my next table.

My next table was none other then the great SUNY Maritime. The best Maritime College there is. The tables’ leader was, dean of admissions, Rohan Howell. This was my second time meeting Rohan. The first time I met Rohan was at SUNY Maritime during another one of my summer internships. We had a conversation about SUNY Maritimes two-year program and what it had to offer. When he explained the two-year program I was sold on it. He also mentioned that after my two-years there I could possibly transfer into the four-year program. SUNY Maritime is defiantly the college for me!