Meeting A Member of the Coast Gaurd


The Waterfront Club had the honor of being invited to the Heroes of the Harbor event at Chelsea Piers, Tuesday night. This event is very exciting for the New York Harbor School because we are the only high school students in attendance. While at the event, several of my peers and I got the chance to speak with a man named Steve who has been enlisted in the Coast Guard for 5 years. As some of my past blog post have shown, I plan to pursue a career in the United States Coast Guard. Hearing about the course that Steve has taken to be where he is today intrigued me. Steve attended a 4-year college in Wisconsin before enlisting in the Coast Guard. He is currently part of the Public Relations Division and he seems pretty satisfied with his job. Steve told us that their is only about 15 Public Relations positions and he had to wait for someone to give up their position in order for him to receive his. He told us that his job was to go to events around the Tribeca area to take pictures and essentially deal with the media aspect of the events. Steve also informed us that enlisted personal can not become a captain in the Coast Guard unless they move up to an officer position. Talking to a member of the Coast Guard was helpful and expanded my knowledge of my future career path.