Replacing the Main Boom

It was the middle of summer and Captain Malcolm give the Crew this huge project. Wasn't very sure how or what it was at first until it was time to move the Main Boom to Pioneer. The boom was kept hold in Wavertree. That's were it was pretty much worked on and customize. Hudson and I screw this hard leather for the boom in order to raise up and down the Main Mast. The difficult part of this project was basically getting it out of Wavertree to Pioneer. We had to get a Forklift truck in order to pick it up and carry it down the pier where Pioneer station is. We were in a rush that day because the weather wasn't working with us. It was eventually going to pour and a storm was under way.  So for that we had to be quick and careful. Once the boom was on Pioneer it was time to take the old one out and replace the new one. It might of been a lot of work but still pretty fun.

SeniorVessel OpsAustin CP