Privateer Boat Handling Skills

Privateer is one of our hardest vessels to handle. Throughout years there are only about 3 students who can handle Privateer each year. My first time driving was my freshman year and I lasted about 5 minutes and did 3 donuts, it wasn’t nice. I can now drive Privateer alone and dock it (but with supervision). I want to accomplish driving and docking Privateer alone by the time I graduate because not many people can say they did that. We have many different type of vessels and most student know how to drive most of our vessels but Privater is different. She is a very frustrating boat at first but once you learn how to drive her you feel like you can drive any boat we have at Harbor School.

Here is a video of me leaving NY Water Taxi port and headed back to Governors Island !

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~Ashley Cruz

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Vessel Ops