Coast Guard Afloat

On February 7, the vessel operations class had the opportunity to run through a series on underway training with the U.S. Coast Guard Station New York. I had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Boatswain Mate 1 Jeremy Underwood. Our assistant captain Luis Melendez spotted a reflective piece of clothing off of the weehawken ferry terminal. BM Underwood went straight into action, and retrieved a kids life jacket. They immediately called it in and underwood started a preliminary search. Going back to his training this consists of using his starting point and using the current to try and see if a person fell into the water. His search started and went through 30 minutes. He had another BM onboard who was keeping her eyes peeled for anything that looked out of the ordinary. We saw that there was flashing lights off of the weehawken ferry terminal. Underwood called into the Coast Guard Sector New York and asked them to contact NYPD for a potential man overboard. We then went southbound on the north river concluding our training. BM Underwood gave me the helm and had me doing multiple maneuvers that they would learn at BM training. I would like to thank BM Underwood and his crew for teaching us multiple training maneuvers. Lastly, I would like to thank Sector New York Commander Captain Jason Tama for giving harbor school this great opportunity.

To view my amazing video at the helm of the Coast Guard Boat please click the link.

- Davere Hanson

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Vessel Ops