Nor'eastern Storm Preparation


In preparation for the Nor’eastern storm on March 1, 2018, there was a big group in waterfront luckily and we got a lot of things done. We lowered the gang way, got Privateer and Attractive Nuisance ready to go to the Navy Yard. I was part of the Privateer group and we rust busted and put on the paint primer on some parts of the stern of the boat. It was my first time priming the boat and using the rust busting machine and it was an awesome skill to learn. After being done with that Aaron got on Privateer and told us to put on hard hats and get ready with lines. We quickly grabbed the hard hats and we were ready for instructions. In the middle of Privateer there was a donation given to Harbor School for Marine Biology (in the picture below), since the storm was coming the tide was high the entire day so Aaron used that as an advantage to move take off the donation off of  Privateer. Aaron pulled up to Pier 102 and had the stern pushed against the wall. We didn't have any fenders on the port side of the boat so we told the other students to bring fenders and I quickly tied a clove hitch to the side of the boat towards the front and then i saw my classmates help bring the donation for Marine Bio off the boat. Once we got it off the boat we were running out of time to get on the 6pm boat so we took the forklift Pallet to put on the filtering system and put it in the MST/ Welding shop. When these storms come we are usually rushing to get things done and getting our boats prepped for the storm.

-Ashley Cruz