working with "Manhattan by sail"

May 4, 2015 my classmate Elliott Loving and I started working with Manhattan By Sail. My first day we had an interview with Lisa Hagerman, she wanted to get to us and told us a little about Manhattan By Sail. Right after the interview I went to get drug tested so I will be allowed to work on the Clipper City, one of their sailboats.

May 11, 2015 Elliott and I went back to the office and met with Tom Berton. Tom is a long time captain with Manhattan By Sail and also bought the Shearwater in early 2001. He assigned us a job right away. He wanted us  to find background information to learn about the company, so the sat us down with a computer each and we browsed the internet. A few minutes later Mr. Berton asked me to look at the one of their promoting websites and look for errors about either Clipper City or Shearwater. Under Clipper City we found that you couldn't actually purchase tickets, they also had the wrong address for where to find the boat. For Shearwater we found out the address they had was an address that Shearwater was never located in.

I am really looking forward to continuing my internship with them and looking forward to sailing with Clipper City.

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