Tagging Along With The Staten Island Crew

This week at the Staten Island Ferry we had a roller coaster of activities. Tuesday contained a long and extensive talk with John Garvey (Director of Ferry Operation) discussing our future college path. Especially, on the decision of whether or not me, along with Malachi harewood, another Harbor School Intern, will be joining the Navy Reserve. We discussed the benefits and negatives of joining. Some benefits are all the discounts you receive while in the Navy Reserve. However, some negatives would be having to leave home for two weeks to go nearly anywhere the Navy would need you to. Some might see this as a good thing since you get to travel a lot. On wednesday we had a few events to come, we had a meeting where we discussed the integration of announcements being electronically played, instead of having a person actually say it. Proceeding this I sat down in Garvey office and watched a playback of five near misses numerous ferries experienced Tuesday due to heavy fog. Lastly after this i watched a video of the Staten Island crew recovering a man who jumped off one of the ferries while underway, which was done in about 2 mins. This concludes my time spent on internship this week.

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