waterfront club training volunteers


During the waterfront club on Thursday , May 21st , The freshman were trained by the vessel operation seniors. Basically we were and still are handing off everything that we learned and and know to the freshman students and waterfront volunteers before we leave/ graduate. Students took turns experiencing and learning how to take the boat off the dock and drive it out into the harbor and then turn the boat around and dock it. While they were steering they also managed to direct their peers in line throwing. Knowing the order of lines we throw first to last is very important when docking because they each have a different but similar job. As the Captain of the boat you should know the order because you're the one docking the vessel and need to know whats going to help you dock faster and safer. As the students drove off and back to the docks , they weren't handed the wheel and left alone. Joseph Roberto , A Vessel operations senior, would sit next to wheel and assist the trainee in what to do and how to do it correctly. Eventually after they get the opportunity to perform the task and  watch their colleagues as they establish the same task , they'll be capable of  demonstrating it on their own. However that's not gonna be while their freshman.

Other skills that the students learned and accomplished was line handling. While the one student on the wheel got the chance to master it, the other students got a shot to practice their line skills. The jobs/ position would rotate to let everyone get a chance. Line handling is a simple skill that is needed to work on boats. Doesn't matter what kind of boat, most of them require line handling skills.