third week working with Manhattan by sail


As time goes by, I am adjusting to working in the office. We have been assigned to look for any incorrect information on our reseller's websites. I recently Interviewed my supervisor Jeric Bendigo,


Mr. Bendigo is a resale and reservation manager, he negotiated numbers with other partners and vendors. He's also in charge of hiring and scheduling. Mr. Bendigo's assistant, Eliana, follows up with partners after Mr. Bendigo makes deals with them. Eliana's also in charge of the supply center.

An example of Mr. Bendigo's job, is when he got a request to propose during a burlesque sail. They had to cancel the sail so he ended up rescheduling the buyer's sail. Then that sail also got cancelled  so the buyer wanted a refund therefore, Mr. Bendigo returned his money.

One of the resellers, Gilt City,  gives vouchers to their customers and that is their form of payment. Gilt City and Groupon have the highest resales for Manhattan By Sail.

On Wednesday May 20th, 2015 Mr. Bendigo sent his assistant to sail on the Clipper City. This way she learns about the product she's selling from first hand experience.

He also reached out to Gilt City to make a deal in order to sell tickets for Shearwater's Day sail, Clipper City's jazz sail, Shearwater's Sunset sail. Sunset sails are not offered since usually locals do them but because the season is starting and it's kind of chilly outside they are offering tickets for the month of June.

It took Mr. Bendigo six months to be promoted from reservation assistant and three months to become a reseller manager.

Carrey Edwards is the current reservation assistant. She is in charge of booking reservations, most reservations are done by emails and from resellers. She has to make sure there are seats available and then she can book them. Ms.Edwards has been working for about three weeks. She enjoys it because people who are purchasing know what the want and they're very interested.

Kiniko Derrick is in charge of payroll and finances for resellers. She is also in charge of the money received from all the tickets.

I have really enjoyed working in the office and I can't wait to start sailing. I was really excited because last Wednesday, I sold my first two tickets. It was nerve wracking but my supervisor Mr. Bendigo helped me all along. I honestly can't wait to go back.

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