Sea Safety-Fire Extinguishers

Maya testing a fire extinguisher.

Maya testing a fire extinguisher.

A day visiting at the Sea Safety site was one of the most interesting and intriguing experiences.  My favorite part of the whole trip was when I used the P.A.S.S method.

  1. P.A.S.S. acronym:
    P = PULL the pin on the fire extinguisher.
    A = AIM the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire.
    S = SQUEEZE or press the handle.
    S = SWEEP from side to side until the fire appears to be.

What really impressed me throughout this whole experience was when I was naive to the experience of having a fire extinguisher in hand.  At first, my nervousness overcame me as soon as I found out that I had no idea how to start up a fire extinguisher.  Then, some people were shouting my name letting me know to use the "PULL" part of the acronym.  As soon as I did that, my adrenaline rush started kicking in as soon as I felt the dry chemical rushing through the dark black tubes in the palm of my hands.  I felt like I could conquer the world by knowing how to stop the fire in the event of an emergency. I LOVE VESSEL OPS!!!!!!!

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