Sea Safety


On Thursday April 17 my fellow junior class and I took a trip to Sea Safety International center in New Jersey. I had no clue what it would be like but when we got there we got a warm welcome from those who work there. I learned how their job was to test and servicing safety equipment as fire detection and suppression system. In their shop they service life rafts, breathing apparatus, cylinders for fire and breathing. This equipment would be used for any type of boat like cargo, commercial, fishing, environmental, passenger, research, tug & barge and yachting. My favorite part of touring their building was when they showed us how the life rafts work and I found out that you can’t pick out the things you want in the survival bag that comes with the raft. The bag has a standard to meet, that's why it comes with a type of food which is bitter (I warn you, you wouldn’t like it) but it does help you survive. Without the workers and thinkers of Sea Safety International and other companies like it, it would be hard for ships to survive in the water if anything went wrong on any boat.

JuniorVessel Ops