Respecting the Work Place

Well we should all know we should respect our work environment no matter where we work.  The Tall Ships Conference had a forum to discuss proper educate. In the session things such as sexual harassment and uncomfortable situations were discussed. In the Tallship industry, or any work environment, you may find yourself living with your crew or dealing with your crew constantly. During these regular engagements, things  like sexual advancements either verbal or physical are not appropriate. Multiple presenters lead this session and expressed how they handle these kinds of scenarios in their worksites. Jamie Trost, from Pride of Baltimore II, mentioned that there is always a verbal conversation about expectations on how people should  interact aboard Pride. At sea, there are multiple ways to prevent sexual harassment. One can take precautions by giving written statements or verbal briefings and an Online screening to every member who comes on board. Kristen Seda has a course on it. She sits her crew down and they go through a presentation and  an involved conversation on what is acceptable and what isn't. In all these different organizations, it was agreed that conversations should be happening on this topic and that the captain is always open to talk and help resolve issues. This can be carried out in any future worksites. One should know the policies that are held and the resources available in the event of a situation.

SeniorVessel Ops