Jumping off a 35-foot Cliff in Greek Islands!


This summer I walked down 275 steps from a Santorini cliff's edge to the water. As I approached water level, I had to walk along the side of the rest of the cliff without the aid of the continuous steps. As I tip toed my way through with a fast beating heart, I found an old lost novel written by a man who had been past the same spot. After taking a picture of the piece of art I had found, I continued on my way. Finally, I reached the water. I quickly took off what minimal clothing I was wearing because of the blazing heat and jumped in. In the water I saw a massive rock sticking out of the surface a couple yards away and swam over to check it out. I found that it was an old lighthouse that was out of commission on one side, and a watching deck on the other. I decided to front flip off of the watching deck, just for the laughs. After doing so, I jumped in for the video. I had a great time, and did not get hurt. Did it for the culture! I

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