Canoe Trip in Canada

This year I began my summer by flying up to Canada and heading north for the moose pasture. I had been invited to go on the journey of a lifetime down the Harricana river across James Bay and then up the Moose River into Moussoni. When I was first invited on the trip I was ineffably excited. This excitement however failed to elucidate the reality that I was about to canoe for 19 days straight in the sub-arctic. When I first arrived at the airport I saw my old friends and leaders and we talked about the past year and everything that has changed. Then we all piled on to a bus for the 5 hour drive to Temagami where we would take a boat to base camp. The next day we left for the bay and got driven to Amoss, Quebec. We paddled down the Harricana for a few weeks portageing over waterfalls and aside rapids that would swallow you up in an instant. Once we reached the bay it was like nothing else, all the trees fell back and suddenly there was nothing but us, a little stretch of shore, and the Arctic Ocean. The crossing took everything out of me and after 2 days we had reached the moose river and we were  almost to Moussoni. We reached Moussoni the next day and headed straight for the supermarket. After we all feasted we hopped on the polar express back home. The trip overall really humbled me and was one of the best experiences I've ever had. 

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