The "Seal" Spotting

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As usual, none of us knew what we were going to be doing in class when we walked over to the Mast Center. The days before we had been covering the different motions on a boat. For example, we talked about rolling, pitching and sagging as well as many others. As we went to the stairs down I saw Aaron. Just as he came into view I was told to tell everyone to grab a PFD because we were heading out. When any of us hear this we immediately began to hurry up. These classes are the most fun because we get to learn on the water and get to apply what we have learned in class.

Now to fast forward a little bit we were on the boat and getting ready to head out. But before we cast off, Aaron called us into a muster to tell us what was planned. That was the day that we were going out to try and find wakes to demonstrate pitching and rolling motions. We were able to cast off and get underway. Now that we had been out for a little and found some wakes. (It was a really calm day.) We were all talking about the motion when something caught my eye. I looked over to see if anyone else noticed and Luis was looking too.

Just when I looked back it ducked its head in the water and both Luis and I had the same reaction at the same time. We both kind of yelled that we had just seen a seal very close to the boat just off the port. Whatever we were talking about at the time was put on hold. Now we were all on the lookout at to see it resurface. After some time we had almost given up but Ryan called out where he had just seen it so we started to slowly close in on it. Now we were a little confused: why it was not moving? But once we were all close enough to make out the details we realized that what we were chasing the entire time was really just a log. But both Luis and I are still convinced that what we saw first was really a seal!