Drop Offs


Just recently a few of my classmates and I went out to Waterfront after school. Most of the time we work on small stuff around and Luis will choose a crew to work on one of the vessels to get the job done. On this day, I was in that crew. This was really exciting. It was the first time I got to go out this spring. And so the job began. We were going to be dropping people and stuff off for the BOP Fundraiser. The loading process went off without a hitch as well as the departure from the MAST center, but while underway we stumbled across some bumpers the school had lost in a storm a little while ago. So Luis brought us on a detour just a few hundred feet off and we had a flawless recovery on the bumpers. As Luis gilded past them we had set jobs. We had the bumpers on board without any hassle. After this we had been just a little bit away from the pier where we would drop off everyone. As we got closer though I realized that the people getting off were gonna have to do a bit of a climb because pier was much higher then the side of the boat. It was a sight to see and I was just glad I did not have to climb off. In the end everyone was safe and I felt that I had done well and was ready for being a part of future crews.