William Wolf: Alumni

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Will recently graduated the New York Harbor School. Now, he is in SUNY Maritime for Marine Transportation. He loves it, but also describes it as the hardest program he's been in yet. The work is challenging and people are always watching to make sure the students are in line (literally!)

Since he's left school, the curly hair, the sunglasses and the leather jackets have disappeared. He has a red tinted beard coming in and has lost thirty pounds. Though it's only been half a year, he's changed a lot. His confidence has increased and he's much better at spelling. As I write this, he looks over my shoulder critiquing my smallest mistakes.

His favorite thing about SUNY Maritime? Harbor kids run the school. "The leadership positions for students are often filled by harbor alumni," he says. He looks forward to becoming one of the powerful upperclassmen who get to boss around everyone else.

He's disappointed by the lack of diversity in his school, though proud that his grade has a higher male-female ratio than those before it. Now the school population is 15% female. "It's not much but it's a start," Will says.

Will continues to visit Harbor School and Harbor students as often as his rigorous curriculum allows.