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On January 3rd, I was once again introduced to splicing. I have had a little instruction but not enough to practice alone or to be anywhere near good at it. Splicing is a way to create a loop at the end of a line that won't split. There are other forms of splicing, but the loop (eye splice) is the most helpful. An eye splice is basically a permanent form of a bowline. An eye splice forms a loop called an eye on one side of a line and to secure that eye we splice the line together. We start by unravelling the end of the line and then weaving the pieces back into the line. I'm confident when tying knots but splicing lines has been difficult for me. My fellow students have been really helpful. We all check and correct each other. I have a test on splices coming up in about a week. I'm nervous but I know that if I practice enough I will get the hang of it!