Photo Shoot on Privateer


January 9, 2017

My class and I went on one of our vessels, Privateer. One thing this vessel is used for is bringing heavy objects out of the water. This oyster cage you see above weighed about one hundred and twenty five pounds. There were photographers interested in the sophomore vessel ops class on the boat. I was told to drag the oyster cages and push them out onto the boat. We did that multiple times so they could get good photos. The oyster cages were really heavy and dragging it back and forth on the boat was exhausting. We were also taking into consideration our safety and what we have learned in our safe boating course, like making sure you weren't to close to the edge of the boat so you wouldn't fall, and wearing safety helmets The photographer told us to look really intense at some points so it seemed like a struggle to drag. He said to make our already exhausted faces more exaggerated. But then the photographer said to look happy and smile. It was definitely easier to look intense while pulling the cages rather than looking happy pulling them! I couldn't help laughing at some moments because the photographer was asking us to do these things that would have been easy if not for the cage in our way. Overall it was a fun modeling experience!