Flashback to 2016!

Reflecting back on our sophomore vessel operations class is always fun. When I saw the photo Captain Aaron Singh had emailed me, I couldn't help but laugh. Several of us weren't prepared for the photo while others were all smiles. In this picture, we spent our sophomore class period aboard one of the Hornblower's vessel, Sensation. We had the honor of meeting Captain Jose Baez (far right of the photo), who is a Captain for Hornblower Cruises.  Sensation is a gorgeous vessel and we were allowed to explore the pilot house while the vessel was underway. At the time, the Coursen, the ferry between Governors Island and Manhattan, was temporarily out of service so Sensation had taken over the route. We watched Captain Baez elegantly navigate the vessel through New York Harbor while telling us how he got to where he is. It was a unique class experience to be on a working ferry, rather than sitting in a classroom like most high schools. It's a great memory from my sophomore year of high school to look back on.