On the search for a baby whale!


Back in November, we were looking for a baby humpback whale that had been spotted in the Hudson River near the Lower West Side. We were all assigned to point wherever we saw the whale and keep pointing in that exact spot just in case it goes underwater, just like a man overboard drill. I was really excited to spot the whale because never in my life have I seen a large creature in the water and I've never seen a whale either besides orcas at the aquarium. I was on the port side of Virginia looking all over for any signs above the surface or on the surface. I was looking everywhere around the boat besides port side because I was really eager to spot it and see its blowhole in action. I’ve always wanted to see that as a kid, while thinking about maritime life. When I was younger I was very attached to the water so my family would always go out to piers and beaches. I would run around and look for the fascinating things I could find, though I never found many sea creatures in our toxic water. Though we didn’t find the whale, our class trip to go find it was very exciting and I enjoyed the scenery of the city as the boat was operating, which is one of the reasons I wanted to join the Vessel Operations program in the first place.