Coming Soon: Babcock


History: The Babcock brothers donated the money for the boat in memory of one of their brothers. The MST students began work in 2010. The planking was completed 2016. The topsides construction started 2017 and the projected launch is June 2017. The design, called a New York Sloop, was typical 19th century work boat for miscellaneous cargo. It then evolved into a sandbagger racing yacht and is considered the birth of yacht racing in NY. The design is copied from the book American Small Sailing Craft, written by historian Howard Chappell.


Length: 21 feet

Beam: 9 feet

Draft: 4 feet

USCG Certification: undecided

Passenger Capacity: 10

Engine Make/Model/Size: 10 hp four stroke outboard

Year Built: still in progress